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Recipient Responsibilities

Larew asks that The Cynipid Fund logo be used by the recipient to acknowledge the donation. His name should not be used in such acknowledgments.  


Larew is also interested in the impact of his donation, and is grateful to those organizations that follow-up with him about any difference that support from The Cynipid Fund made. The following are impact-related questions that donors may wish to answer:

  • Were funds from The Cynipid Fund used by the recipient to leverage additional support from others? If so, how successful was the match challenge?

  • Did support from The Cynipid Fund make a positive difference to those who ultimately benefited from the donation? Were students able to travel? Did the musical program involve traditionally represented musicians, and was the program enthusiastically received by the audience? Was the poetry program able to include an innovative element that would not have otherwise been included or implemented? How were funds used to help meet the needs of  the medically-needful? Did those who are traditionally under-served benefit? Was the recipient able to engage participants in new, exciting ways?

Visit our contact page to inquire about whether your organization’s interests overlap with those of The Cynipid Fund. Be sure to include information about your organization, specific relevant activities that you believe would be of interest to the Fund, and your contact information.

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