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Cynipid Fund's Support for AgArts

July 2023

Here's a message from Dr. Mary Swander who leads AgArts in which she describes some of the important work that has been supported with a Cynipid Fund grant.


Grant Holub-Moorman’s fine piece documenting the Guatemalan farm at New Hope is now published to the AgArts website. Great job, Grant! And congratulations to Miriam and Marion for your fine work. And thank you to Janine for your editorial skills. And to Mary and Rick for all your help, ideas and hospitality. And finally, to Hiram and the Cynipid Fund for making this all possible. Please share this link far and wide.

So many things to love about this post, from the writing, to the subject matter, the poetry, the setting, and the photos.

There will be more to come with Grant’s writing and Marion’s video and Miriam’s photos. Stay tuned.

So exciting!



Mary Lynch Swander Swander Woman Productions, Artistic Director AgArts, Executive Director

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